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I’ve been a fan of Dark Nebula ever since the very first ever comic he appeared in, before Cyclone Comics. And I loved his Cyclone comics series. And, dare I say it, even his Hey Hey It’s Saturday appearance (yes, I remember the chocolate-bar jump that Red gonged all too quickly).

Tad, it’s great to see Dark Nebula back. I’m looking forward to new stories and to see Dark Nebula become one of Australia’s premier comics, web or print. It’s long since time. The concept has always been solid.


Hi George, that IS dedication – especially the Hey Hey It’s Saturday Red Faces ‘That’s Ridiculous’ sketch – that pre-dates publication! Actually DN’s first published appearance was in fact a cameo in a 16-page underground comic I did in my senior year of College at Riverina College Of Advanced Education back in 1980 & which ran serialised in RACE (the college rag) & then as a one-shot complete – even I don’t have copies of those – it was an assignment I got an ‘A’ for – if I can find it (I still have the original bromides somewhere) I’ll post it up (the cameo, that is, not the whole friggin’ thing)

Cheers, Tad P 🙂

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